How to Loosen a Stuck Bolt

How to Loosen a Stuck Bolt

Having a stuck bolt can be frustrating – and painful. You try WD-40 and put some muscle into it, only to end up with some busted knuckles. So how exactly are you supposed to loosen a bolt when none of your methods seem to work? Here are a couple of ideas to try.

Choose a Better Spray

WD-40 can be good for some jobs. However, there are some much better options. Usually, choosing a higher-grade spray to loosen bolts will do the trick. After you spray it, let it penetrate for a minute. You should be able to turn the bolt afterward.

If it’s still giving you some trouble, try an extended wrench – with gloves on. It will give you a little more leverage for turning. If the bolt is stripped, use vice grip pliers instead.

Stuck Bolt

Put Heat to Work

If your spray doesn’t work, a propane torch can help. Heat can cause the bolt to contract. As it does, any rust and corrosion will break up. Try heating for up to two minutes before turning.

If that still doesn’t work, apply heat for another few minutes and try again. You can also try applying more spray and even tapping it with a hammer. This combination should do the trick.