Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Sliding Van Windows for Your Vehicle

Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Sliding Van Windows for Your Vehicle

Lots of people use vans because of the versatility provided by the large cargo areas. They’re used by the police and SES, postal couriers, construction workers, trades, and even as workshops for mobile mechanics. You also find Aussies buying light commercial vans to refit them for their next camping trip.

One of the problems with light commercial vans, however, is that they don’t often come with sliding windows in the back. Another problem is that many of the sliding van windows on the market don’t account for the curvature in the sides of these vans. So, when you decide to retrofit custom sliding windows into your van, you have to pack out the frame to create a good weather seal.

The obvious solution is to design van sliding windows that are slightly curved allowing them to fit perfectly into the side of the van. Well, a true-blue Aussie company has done just that!

Sliding van windows with a curved design

The company that manufactures these innovative sliding van windows is AJ Plastics which has been in the manufacturing business since 1971. Since then, they’ve built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing quality products, specializing in windows and doors for cars, vans, boats, RVs, canopies, trailers, and so on.

Given this company’s history in the industry, it’s no surprise that AJ Plastics has used its expertise to redesign the basic structure of sliding windows for vans. It just makes sense to install curved sliding windows that conform to the shape of the van rather than standard designs that simply don’t fit well. These curved custom windows not only look good because they fit correctly, but they also provide a waterproof seal to protect the contents from getting wet in the rain. Also, you don’t need to worry about packing the large gaps between standard sliding windows and the side of your van.


What makes these curved sliding windows for vans so good?

Apart from the fact that these sliding windows for vans are curved, they offer plenty of other features that make them a good option for light commercial vehicles. These features include multiple sizes, rubber plugs, light tinting, flyscreens, flip latches, and quality glass and frames.

  • Two standard sizes are available: 600mm W x 350mm H or 800mm W x 400mm H.
  • Rubber plugs allow you to install the windows on either side of the van.
  • Light tinting blocks out heat and light from the interior of the van.
  • Flyscreens are a sensible option that’s popular with campers.
  • Flip latches make unlocking, opening, closing and locking the windows smooth and easy.
  • Quality glass and matte black frames complement any van regardless of style or color.

Easy DIY installation

AJ Plastic’s sliding van windows are designed to be easy to install. So, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’ll have no problems installing these curved custom windows in your van. On the other hand, you can always ask a body repair shop to install the windows or contact AJ Plastics direct because they have installers who can help.

So, if you’re thinking of installing custom sliding windows in your van, check out curved windows for vans and you might just be happily surprised at the result!